James Pittard

A skier from an early age, Loqski Director, James Pittard felt there was a need in the ski market for a bespoke ski lock solution to solve the problem of ski and pole theft:

“The threat of losing my skis and poles was a concern of mine and I wanted to find a solution that provided an effective easy to use deterrent but at the same time was lightweight and compact enough to fit into my ski jacket pocket."

Jaquie Pittard

Loqski Director, Jaquie Pittard, is also a keen and seasoned skier:

"I had my skis mistakenly taken which caused the family to miss most of the day skiing.  This was extremely disappointing, especially when you only go for one week of the year. Now, with the Loqski we can secure our skis and poles and be confident that they will be where we left them."

Harry Pittard

Technical Support Manager, Harry Pittard, has resisted buying skis and poles for fear of losing them to theft or mistaken identity:

“Nobody wants to lose valuable ski time organising replacement skis and poles. Loqski gives me peace of mind, when I stop for lunch or a quick refreshment."