Loqski - ski lock, is made in Great Britain and has patents granted in Great Britain, United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong and the European Union.

Loqski - ski lock, is made in Great Britain and has patents granted in Great Britain, United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong and the European Union.

Loqski is a foldable, pocketable ski lock, designed to protect your ski equipment. It's quick and easy to fit, even with gloves on and small enough to fit into your ski jacket pocket. With a choice of 5 colours. Loqski is the ultimate ski companion for this ski season!

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Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions

1. Open the side arms, the central cuff and pole cuffs

2. Position the central cuff so it clamps firmly around the crossed snow brakes

3. Tighten the central cuff as firmly as possible, squeeze the skis together to prevent any wriggle room

4. Place ski poles into the cuffs; loop one end of the tether around ski rack or similar and attach the other to one of the pole cuffs, close cuffs and lock.

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High security 10,000 combination lock. Detachable 600mm stainless steel cable tether with protective PVC coating


Pocketable, foldable lock measuring L60mm W32mm D70mm. Weighing approximately 250g. Quick and easy to fit. Secures skis and poles and can be fitted, whilst still wearing ski gloves.


Granted Great Britain Patent No: GB2510258; Granted USA Patent No: US10,099,109 and Patent No: US10,668,359; Granted EU Patent No: EU2934709; Granted Canada Patent No: CA2934906; Granted Hong Kong Patent No:HK1196009.

Produced in Great Britain

Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in Great Britain. Using zinc, stainless steel and glass filled nylon components. Lab and Field tested to temperatures as low as -25C.


We have sold Loqski ski locks in over 30 countries and currently offer free shipping around the world.

Customer Comments

STEVE B FROM GREAT BRITAIN:- "I used the lock extensively during my recent holiday in Ischgl and I must say it worked perfectly. Yes it's a little heavy compared with others, but that also makes it more robust and feels more like a proper deterrent. Also, the ability to lock my carbon poles is something I haven't been able to do before. So an added bonus. As for fit, I had no problem with downhill and the wider all mountain skis at all. The only enhancement for me would be some way to more compactly store the cables in a jacket pocket or maybe even have a cable in a type of cassette reel or similar. I wouldn't though want to compromise on the cable quality, which is better than others I have used. Great product!" TERRY G FROM USA:- "First, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. My main purpose (beyond the obvious) for purchasing the Loqski was to protect my new pair of Leki Speed S ski poles from being stolen. My first impression upon receiving the Loqski was the packaging, which I would say is top-notch. After reviewing everything in the box, and watching the video on how to fit the lock on the skis, I put the Loqski to the test. The process of putting it on was quick, the fit was snug, and my poles were safe and secure. Although my ski season has ended with no chance to "feel" the weight of the lock as I ski, I did put on my ski jacket and walked around with it in my pocket. After 5 or 10 mins I didn't notice it was there. I am looking forward to next ski season and actually using the Loqski under winter conditions. Thank you and your team for making this device. I wish you continued success." GIUSEPPE R FROM ITALY:- "I have found the product useful and handy. It is a bit heavy, but I understand that is needed in order to guarantee safety and sturdiness. I am satisfied by this purchase."