The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show!

Looking back on 2016 one of our highlights since Loqski officially launched in September was definitely the Telegraph London Ski & Snowboard Show which took place at the end of October. 

Loqski Stall Telegraph Ski ShowWith a car packed to the rafters with food, some helpful assistants (and a Loqski or two!) we headed to Battersea Park for 4 days of Alpine festival fun.

When we showed Loqski to the crowds the response was fantastic with a number of people commenting on it's stylish look and superior design to other ski locks on the market. Business was brisk and come the end of the 4 days we returned tired but incredibly satisfied at how well the ski show had gone. 

Although details of next year's Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show haven't yet been released here's 5 of our highlights which we're hoping make a reappearance...  

The 5 Things we're hoping for at the 2017 Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show... 

1) More Food - You can never have too much food. The Alpine Street Food area, coupled with The Eis Haus Bar experience were the perfect antidote to a long day.

2 ) More Comedy – The Altitude Comedy Festival was a big draw at this year’s event bringing together a whole host of comedians showcasing their talents in the world of standup and improv.

3) More Ski Tech – We were blown away by the gadgets and apps being shown off at this year’s ski show; they can make such a difference to your skiing experience. As the tech market booms there’s only going be more gadgets on offer next year.

4) Mount Battersea – Making a reappearance for the first time in 4 years, Mount Battersea saw some seriously skilled skiers perform tricks that well, put our skiing abilities to shame. Hopefully, it won’t be another 4 years before Mount Battersea returns once again.

5) More Advice – let’s face it, if you’re new to skiing the whole experience can be pretty daunting (you were there once!) There were a great number of stalls on hand offering expert advice on kit, technique and travel destinations including the Genius Bars. Let’s hope it continues for next year.