Our Favourite Vintage Ski Videos

We’ve decided to hop in the ski time machine and take a look at how people tackled the slopes in days gone by. Things have changed a lot over the years in both skiing and film production, but great skiing is great skiing and the odd blooper is always funny. 

So after a few hours of watching everything from silent black and white footage of intrepid 1930’s skiers, to the brash synthesiser-driven ski films of the 1980’s, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite vintage ski videos. 

Tricks on Skis (1935) 

This gem from British Pathé shows off the skills of an elite American skiing team, including the ‘looping the loop’ trick performed by a skier from sunny Florida…


Fashions on The Ice – Winter Olympic Top Fashions – Winter Sportswear & Downhill Skiing (1940)

A promotional film from 1940 by American sportswear company Sacony. Featuring great clips of skiers tackling the slopes in the build-up to the 1940 Olympics, plus a display of cutting-edge skiwear, 1940’s style.


Skiing in the Swiss Mountains circa (1950) 

Skiing in jumpers and cloth caps may not be considered ideal skiwear these days but in the 1950’s it appeared to be de rigeur. Filmed in Klosters, Switzerland, this film shows a group of skiers tackling the Swiss slopes in tight formation accompanied by some rather twee music and period commentary.


London Ski School (1965) 

Here’s a fun clip from the Swinging Sixties, where people are getting some practice in at the London Ski School before hitting the slopes of Europe for their holidays. Check out the fashion show, particularly the full face balaclava!


Franz Klammer’s Gold Medal Run Innsbruck (1976)

Sit back and enjoy the gold medal winning run of Austria’s Franz Klammer in the 1976 Olympic Men’s Downhill. Note the sheer speed and aggression with which he attacks the frankly daunting Innsbruck course!


On the Piste - BBC Documentary (1987)

By the 1980’s skiers didn’t have to simply put up with the glare from the mountain sun, they had to protect their eyes from their brightly-coloured ski wear too! Enjoy this rather amusing clip from a 1987 documentary about some British first-time skiers. What they lack in skill, they make up for with enthusiasm!