6 Epic Ski Videos To Get You Through The Spring

Unfortunately, the ski season is coming to an end, so here’s something to get you through until next year. We’ve found six epic ski videos for you to feast your eyes on, from daunting downhill ski courses to outrageous world record attempts, it’s all here.


Of course, some of these films portray skiing that is bit more intense than the average day on the piste, but it is always great to watch professionals pushing the envelope. So take off your ski boots, put your feet up and enjoy...


Epic POV skiing



These intrepid skiers have strapped cameras onto their helmets and filmed their exploits in the white stuff. Watch as they pull off stunts on the slopes or career headlong into the woods, with the POV camera giving you the feeling of actually being there!


Best Ski Line of 2014 – Cody Townsend's Epic Chute



Watch pro skier Cody Townsend straight-line an extreme vertical chute located in the Alaska Tordrillos Mountain Range. This amazing feat earned him the "Best Line" award at the 15th annual Powder Awards.


World Record Ski Jump – 255 Foot Cliff



Jamie Pierre sets a world record by ski jumping off a 255 foot cliff at Grand Targhee, Wyoming, USA. He did it so you don’t have to!


The World's Most Dangerous Downhill Ski Race | Streif: One Hell Of a Ride



Professional skiers discuss just how difficult the Strief downhill ski course at Kitzbühel, Austria really is. The film takes you through section by section, explaining the challenges it poses to the skier.


Skiing Down the Fastest Race Course in 360°



Staying at Kitzbühel for the next clip, Daron Rahlves takes us down the course equipped with a 360 degree camera, allowing you to take in all of the action as you descend at frighteningly high speed.


Most Funniest Ski Fails Compilation



Of course no epic skiing video collection would be complete without epic fails, so here’s a compilation of some quite frankly daft people doing daft things on skis. Look out for the Polar Bear….