The first few holidays were fun, but we get it, next year is going to be different. You’ll have some new kit and new skills to go with it, so now it’s time to up your game. Not to show off, not to be a ski ninja of course, but just a few slick moves you can pull off that will raise you up above the first timers.

To help you on your way we’ve pulled together 5 videos, each one covering a different area to upgrade your skills. So if you want to know how you could jump better, stop better and generally make the most of your time on the slopes, then take a look at these…

Skiing Upgrade Number 1: Learning to Carve

Learning the intricacies of carving gives you more time to explore the slopes and more options to have fun..

Skiing Upgrade Number 2: Learning to Parallel Ski

Moving away from the beginners V-formation that you learnt when you started out, parallel skiing (as the name suggests) means your skis run parallel to one another so you can turn more quickly, travel faster and overall have an upgraded time on the slopes.

Skiing Upgrade Number 3: Performing a Hockey Stop

Mastering the Hockey Stop means you can end a run in style with a super smooth finish; it may take a while to achieve it as smoothly as the downhill skiers in the winter Olympics though!

Skiing Upgrade Number 4: How to Jump on Skis

Taking things a step further there’s always the option of adding jumps into your run. It’s extra fun, and particularly useful if you need to avoid an oncoming obstacle. Harder skills mean an increased risk though, so stay safe and practice.

Skiing Upgrade Number 5: How to Ski Backwards

The ultimate show off skill - and there is a definite way of doing it safely and smoothly. Just keep watching what’s going on behind you….

We'll see you on the slopes.